Become an Independent doTERRA Product Advisor

Are you a “ Oil newbie “And would you like to learn more about the mode of action of pure doTERRA essential oils and further educate yourself in this area and work in a strong team?

Or are you already the same “ In love with oil ”Like us and would you like to enrich others with your knowledge and experience?

Maybe you will feel like us: At first we only used the doTERRA oils for ourselves and our family members. Due to the high effectiveness, the therapeutic purity and possible uses of the oils, we soon got hold of us enthusiasm and Passion and we started recommending the oils and soon after we registered as doTERRA consultants. Well we all had Opportunities commissions and bonuses to earn and to form your own team for the distribution of doTERRA products. Our life has changed fundamentally in a positive way since then.

And what could be nicer in business than to be convinced of a product and its high effectiveness, to be able to recommend it and to be able to earn money with it ? And quite casually and other obligations.

So let yourself be inspired and show you how to deal with your Enthusiasm for essential oils can make money . With our successful team, we would like to continue to grow and give people not only more health and a better lifestyle, but also professional success and one solid financial base help.

What you get for it:

  • A product that you will love and that you would like to recommend to others
  • A great opportunity in a very fast growing market
  • A strong team with like-minded people who support you with know-how
  • Coaching, mentoring and team meetings
  • Assistance in setting up your own sales structure
  • Access to your own team portal with all useful information, videos, documents, etc.
  • Chat group and doTERRA knowledge database with many participants
  • Extensive product information
  • Your own, personalized doTERRA website
  • Develop your entrepreneurial thinking
  • A fair disposition system with lucrative commissions and bonuses
  • The opportunity to build up a passive income
  • Online training on financial freedom
  • Great flexibility through free time management

What you should do for it:

  • You should get the oils even apply
  • You should enthusiasm bring along for doTERRA’s products
  • You should decide if you by the way Make money or full-time want to take off
  • You are ready one few hours to invest in the week to deal with the topic and to educate yourself
  • You recommend the oils on to others
  • You should be sociable and respectful to be with others and not “force” products on anyone.
  • You are ready other to help and become a leader yourself
  • You are ready for something your success to do
  • Take the pressure off : You can start very “easy” and you will see how your business grows.

If all of this appeals to you, we look forward to hearing from you. We would be happy to advise you free of charge, in detail and without obligation on the phone about the outstanding possibilities that are available to you as an independent doTERRA product advisor.

Please fill out the contact form and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible. This offer is only available to people who are new to doTERRA and who don’t have an account yet. We will do your registration as an independent doTERRA product advisor together with you or you can use the button below Register directly as a doTERRA product advisor .