doTERRA Loyalty Program (LRP)

To put it simply, the doTERRA loyalty program is like a Payback program. You collect points when you buy products and can then redeem them when you buy products.

Assuming you have a favorite doTERRA product that you no longer want to do without and you would like to receive this product automatically every month, the loyalty program in the doTERRA shop is a practical facility for this. By the way, at the bottom of this page you will find two videos.

With doTERRA’s loyalty program (LRP = Loyalty Rewards Program) you can receive product points on monthly orders in the loyalty program. You can then use your product points as payment for future orders. The longer you participate in the loyalty program, the more product points you can earn. Up to 30% Your entire monthly order in the loyalty program. (Conditions see below)

The ONE-TIME registration fee as a doTERRA advantage customer is € 23.80 and contains a German-language manual with product images and possible applications.

doterra loyalty program

The percentage of your order volume that is credited to you as loyalty points depends on how long you have been a doTERRA member. After 13 months you have reached 30%.

Short video: The doTERRA loyalty program clearly explained

Loyalty program highlights

  • Stress-free automatic sending of the doTERRA products you use on a monthly basis.
  • Receive up to 30% of the PV value of your monthly order in the loyalty program as product points.
  • Redeem your product points for doTERRA products.
  • You have the freedom to change your order in the loyalty program up to the day before the monthly shipping date.
  • A convenient way for you to meet your monthly PV and bonus qualifications.
  • Track your score online in your virtual office.
  • The monthly dispatch date for loyalty orders can be set between the 1st and the 28th of each month.

Your advantages

A loyalty order has significant advantages:

In addition to the 25% discount on the end customer price, from an order value of 50PV you will also receive between 10% and 30% of the order volume as loyalty points. You can use the loyalty points in the following month as payment for your next purchase of products. As a result, your total discount can increase from 25% to at least 35% up to 55%.

If you send your loyalty order between the 1st and 15th day of the current month, you will receive free doTERRA oil for orders of 125 PV or more.

Terms and Conditions for doTERRA loyalty orders

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  • A minimum of 50 PV monthly order in the loyalty program is necessary to receive product points.
  • Loyalty orders with a minimum of 1 PV maintain the point balance and percentage (no maximum monthly credit accumulation limit).
  • There is no limit to the amount of monthly product points that can be collected.
  • Product points expire 12 months after their date of issue.
  • Product points can only be used on products with full PV.
  • A redemption fee of € 2 per 100 points, plus VAT and shipping costs will be booked additionally.
  • Product points can be redeemed for the first time 60 days after participating in the loyalty program.
  • If you cancel your participation in the loyalty program or if you are inactive, all product points expire immediately.
  • Product points have no cash value and are not transferable.
  • Products purchased with product points are not intended for resale.
  • Orders in the loyalty program can only be canceled by calling Customer Service.
  • To accumulate points, the individual loyalty order must be 50 PV or more.
  • Only loyalty orders of 50 PV or more count towards the advancement of loyalty status (percentage).

How to create a loyalty order

How to change a loyalty order