Coriander herb – cilantro

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Coriander oil, one of the most important culinary ingredients, comes from an herb known for its many uses in the kitchen and on the body. Coriander oil is full of advantages from its original state as a herb and gives a taste kick to many different dishes, for example dips, salads, meat and guacamole. When used externally, coriander is very calming and cooling on the skin.


  • If you have eaten a lot or heavily, you can mix a drop of coriander oil with 125 ml of liquid and drink slowly.
  • You get a fresh, herbal aroma when you combine coriander oil with citrus oils.
  • In all of your favorite guacamole, salsa, salad and dip recipes, replace the coriander herb with 1 drop of coriander essential oil.

Main Health Benefits

  • Gives dishes a fresh, strong aroma.
  • Cleansing and clarifying aroma.

Aromatic description

Fresh, herbaceous, sweet, pungent

Harvesting method

Steam distillation

Plant part


Main ingredients

Linalool, trans-2-decenal

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