Mask spray and deodorant ;-)

I’m cleaning up the mess my daughter made while baking waffles with her friend. The two girls left the house quickly after the kitchen action … With something Wild orange I manage to keep my mood in the diffuser … when my friend enters the kitchen: “We still have a bottle Air ? Horst wants one. “” Horst?! “I can hardly believe it ..
Horst is probably the eternal bachelor among my lover’s friends. Because what woman would like a man who has never had a cleaning rag in his hand and also wears clothes from his youth? I almost asked him who was doing his laundry. Inconceivable that he would do that ..
“He gets claustrophobic under the mask and recently noticed that you recommended it to a customer in order to be able to breathe better under the mask.”
Very attentive from Horst! Doesn’t do any harm as a support for his deodorant. Because, as we know, our oils are very versatile 😉

Mask spray:

1 drop of doTerra Air with about
1 tbsp. water mix
and sprinkle a few splashes on the mask 🙂
of course you can also prepare the mixture in a small glass spray bottle.