Healthy lifestyle

“Healthy living” the interpretation is as individual as life itself. Here I am talking about myself and my perception of life. I report on my experiences and perceptions. These do not have to apply equally to all people.

Just as I value a doctor who wants a responsible patient, I find it important that freedom remains when making recommendations for a healthy lifestyle. The freedom to have a feel for what is good for you.

Because if Fritz feels in top shape with daily consumption of wholemeal bread, that doesn’t necessarily have to apply to Marianne.

Listening to our own body is difficult for us in times of combating symptoms. Because when we are in pain anywhere, we are used to taking a pill to make the pain go away quickly. We have no longer learned to be mindful of ourselves and to look first and find out where the pain is coming from.

Learning that pain has a cause that can be naturally and positively influenced is the first step towards knowledgeable self-care.

You can find out how to support this with essential oils at our oil bar for beginners on Thursday, April 16 at 7 p.m. The event will take place online for the occasion. That also makes spatial distance a surmountable issue 🙂

It’s easy to be there. Please register briefly by email or by phone 0228 – 38755526 so that I can send you the link and some oil samples. As always, participation is free.

I look forward to you all!

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