How is healthy?

Health, that’s what everything is about at the moment. How do you achieve health? Some seek health at home, prefer not to leave their home and indulge in the illusion of security there. There are no other or strangers here, it is clean and you cannot get infected. Others see health in contact with other people and it makes them sick not to be able to have their loved ones around them and to be able to touch them.

Then there are those who want to live as healthy as possible in order to strengthen their immune system and not have to fear viruses and everything that flies around. But “live healthy”, how does that even work? The advertising leads us to believe that every piece of children’s chocolate contains healthy milk and vitamins; The fitness industry wants us to work out and consume protein shakes and even in discount stores you can buy vitamin pills in plastic tubes. We are spoiled for choice.

Right now, in my mind’s eye, I see a clichéd, obese burger and donut consumer with a range of pill boxes that are supposed to provide all the vitamins and vital substances that his fast food does not provide.

How are you supposed to find your way through a jungle of advertising and recommendations? What is really healthy now? How can I make myself strong against viruses and bacteria and environmental toxins of all kinds, such as microplastics, hormones, antibiotics, etc.?

I can only find my way around if a recommendation can convince me.

DoTERRA lives a way that convinces.

Here you can question everything and there is an answer to every question.

Convince yourself and learn a healthy lifestyle with us DoTERRA know. At Life oils you will find answers to your questions. Receive the live magazine from us and learn how you can support your immune system perfectly.

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Part of a healthy lifestyle

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