Why LLV?

The fact that people have different views of what healthy eating means has been my topic a couple of times.

What is certain is that even an optimal form of nutrition can no longer guarantee the supply of the necessary vital substances. This is due to various factors: On the one hand, the steadily increasing environmental pollution from poisons, hormones and chemicals. on the other hand, our stressful everyday life puts a strain on our cell function and increases our need for vitamins and minerals.

It should not be forgotten that although people are what they eat, other factors also contribute significantly to a healthy or less healthy lifestyle.

An aspect that should not be underestimated here is stress and how to deal with it. Our way of life with time and deadline pressure, a lot of time at the desk and little movement, “doesn’t get stuck in clothes” would have been said by my grandma. In addition, there is an unregulated daily routine with occasional eating while standing, too few rest phases and constant availability.

DoTERRA LLV contains essential nutrients and antioxidants that support our metabolism, vitality and health.

LLV supports the bones, skin, hair and nails, strengthens the lungs and airways, promotes healthy heart function and promotes general well-being. LLV supports the eyes, brain and nerves, as well as the metabolism and the immune system. It is free from genetic engineering and does not contain gluten or dairy products.

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