Something for the immune system

Our friend Jörg is dissatisfied: “Why do the politicians and virologists only babble about what you can do when you are caught, or how you can prevent you from contracting someone who is infected ?! Nobody tells us how to strengthen our immune system !! “

I wonder if it’s the job of politics to teach people how to do something for their immune system …

In any case, the fact is that strengthening our immune system plays an essential role for our body in terms of exposure to viruses and bacteria. A strong immune system has something to counteract threats from allergens, bacteria and viruses; bacilli have a hard time here. It is completely different with a weakened defense of the body.

But what makes our body strong when dealing with negative external influences? Jörg would like to know that too.

In addition to food such as fresh vegetables and fruit and sufficient water, which are essential for our organism, DoTERRA offers a variety of supporting vital substances for our immune system. Starting with pure natural essences of the highest quality in the form of essential oils to high-quality bio-available food supplements to natural solutions for body care and even household.

Because every day we are not only confronted with harmful substances through our often degenerate food, which is polluted by pesticides and environmental toxins, cleaning agents and cosmetics do the rest.

If our immune system is permanently burdened with harmful substances in food, such as industrial sugar, residues of antibiotics and hormones, it has little capacity to cope with pathogens such as viruses.

Therefore it makes perfect sense to pay attention to what we expect from our organism. Especially in times of exceptional exposure to e.g. B. certain pathogens.

In addition, we can strengthen our body’s defenses by regularly adding lemon oil to our drinking water. Two drops per glass give the water a wonderfully refreshing note and have a balancing effect on the acid-base balance.

The On Guard oil mixture (our personal Superman) powerfully supports our immune system by applying it daily to the soles of the feet and diffusing it in the room.

Two of the many great ways to support the immune system with essential oils. If you want to know more, give us a call or write an email. We are happy to share our enthusiasm for DoTERRA oils with you. or we can talk to you directly: 0228 – 38755526

Jörg is also reassured when I put a bottle of lemon oil in his hand: “There’s little in there,” he complains. “This is deceptive. You can go very far with a small amount, Jörg. 15 ml correspond to 250 drops. So how long will you get there if you drink 10 drops a day in your water? “

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