Plant power

For years, greasy cream was my constant companion. Especially in the winter months I couldn’t do without it for two hours. Because the skin on my hands was extremely sensitive due to years of work-related handling of disinfectants. The use of commercially available cleaning agents did the rest. Normal quick absorbing hand cream was not enough, the dermatologist “threatened” me with cortisone and I remember situations in which, for example, in the supermarket, when paying at the cash register, blood suddenly ran over my hand because a spot had opened again.

Fortunately, all of this is a thing of the past! Since I’ve been working with doTERRA oils, I no longer need a cream. Not in summer and not in winter, simply the constant use of the oils has resulted in the skin of my hands normalizing. In a completely unplanned way, I learned how strong this wonderful natural product is and how well the oils can support our immune system.

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