Some say it smells like Christmas, children often particularly like the scent and even adults drink it in their coffee …
“It doesn’t smell particularly good.” says Sibylle with a nagging undertone: “And it really doesn’t remind me of Christmas! – Well, Christmas with a cough drop aftertaste … ha ha.” My guest pushes the diffuser away and turns up his nose. Sibylle has a strong affinity for Chanel and Co. She finds access to natural fragrances and home remedies difficult.
“It’s amazing, Ms. Lenz says that the children have fewer infections since she set up this device in the classroom …!”
By “device” she means a diffuser.
“Indeed, Constantine hasn’t even been sick since summer.”
I am convinced that Sibylle considers the stable immune system of her youngest to be pure coincidence 😉
For some time now, Ms. Lenz’s primary school class has had a diffuser and a few oils thanks to a committed and oil-loving mother. One that promotes concentration, one for a good mood and, among other things, the one described above.

If you have guessed which oil mixture even Sibylle is thinking, just let us know. We reward every correct answer with an oil sample.

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