doTERRA Cleanse & Restore Kit (DETOX Kit)


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Why You Should Use the doTERRA Detox Detoxification Program? Poisons are found all around us. Whether in the air, in water, in food or clothing, we cannot escape them. The body removes most poisons from the body without any action on our part, but unfortunately not all. These are then stored in the body and can be responsible for various problems.

Certain organs in our body are responsible for the detoxification process. The liver, gall bladder, pancreas, our skin, the kidneys and the intestines have their hands full to discharge the toxins stored in our body. We can help our body most in the detox process by supplying it with the substances it urgently needs for detoxification.

The doTERRA scientific team has dedicated itself specifically to the subject of DETOX – detoxification and developed a 30-day detoxification program that helps our body to excrete toxins better.

This essentially involves the following points:

  • Supply of necessary vitamins
  • Supply of minerals and other substances
  • Release of toxins from the body cells
  • Support of the organs in their detoxification function


  • doTERRA Lifelong Vitality Pack
  • PB Assist +
  • GX Assist
  • Zendocrine softgels
  • ZenGest TerraZyme
  • Lemon (lemon) 15ml
  • Zendocrine Complex
  • DDR Prime Softgels
  • Welcome package (registration fee as a benefit customer is included. Incl. Essentials Booklet)

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