One-time benefit customer registration fee


incl. 19% VAT

plus Shipping

– Order at the standard or discount customer price
– Receive a 25% discount as a benefit customer
– Information on ordering as a discount customer

If you choose the benefit customer price, you will need the DOTERRA benefit customer registration fee of € 23.75 ONCE for your very first order. You will then be registered as a doTERRA discount customer and can order products at a purchase price (25% discount). (already with your first order)

* Price information:

You can order the product at the standard price or at the discount customer price. (Please make a choice).
Stock price = recommended retail price according to the doTERRA price list (without discount).
Advantage customer price = 25% discount on the standard price (plus ONE-TIME registration fee of € 23.80).

If another person has drawn your attention to doTERRA, we ask that you obtain the products you want through this person. Thank you for your understanding.